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Would you like to work for an organisation that really wants to make a difference?

We are a vibrant and growing organisation, making a difference in the social housing sector.

We are tasked with implementing a strong regulatory framework for Approved Housing Bodies, including safeguarding and overseeing the effective governance, financial, property and tenancy management of 450 AHBs, who own and manage over 54,000 homes.

Why Join Us ?

AHBRA is a new statutory regulator which is implementing a transparent, robust and fair regulatory environment for all AHBs. It has a range of key outcomes including establishing effective and co-operative relationships, building strong communication with stakeholders and providing regulatory assurances to the government, tenants and funders.

As an employee of AHBRA you will gain experience in areas such as regulation, data analysis and evaluation, communication, governance, finance, tenancy management and asset management.

AHBRA will be hiring for a number of key positions over the next 12 months as we continue to implement and embed our regulatory framework. These roles will play a crucial role in the development of an effective regulator and the delivery of our overall objectives.

What We Do

  • Protect tenants and AHBs under the (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019
  • Safeguard the significant public investment in the delivery of social housing by AHBs.
  • Monitor and assess compliance by AHBs
  • Maintain the Register of AHBs
  • Review registration applications for AHBs
  • Encourage and facilitate the better governance, administration and management of AHBs
  • Promote awareness and understanding of the Act
  • Carry out investigations under the Act

Who We Regulate

AHBs (also called housing associations or voluntary housing associations) are independent, not-for-profit organisations whose purpose includes the provision and management of housing, for households in housing need. AHBs play a central role in housing delivery as outlined in the Government’s ‘Housing for All’ plan.

The sector includes large AHBs owning and managing significant housing stock, care and support organisations, whose primary focus is not housing, alongside a high volume of small and micro AHBs managing a small number of dwellings. It is within this context that AHBRA is implementing a transparent and risk-based regulatory framework.

Benefits you can expect from working in AHBRA


  • Hybrid working environment with flexible working hours
  • Educational supports through employer sponsored programmes.
  • Public sector pay rates, pension benefits and generous annual leave entitlements.
  • Personal development opportunities through employer sponsored academic education, paid study leave and in-house training.
  • Facilitation of Bike to Work Scheme and Tax Saver travel tickets
  • On site bike storage
  • Modern city centre office, located off Merrion Square, Dublin 2, which is easily accessible by DART and many bus routes.

Career Development

AHBRA is an equal opportunities employer within the public sector which is focused on creating a diverse, inclusive and rewarding place to work for all its staff. We encourage and welcome skilled people from all backgrounds to join our organisation.

AHBRA’s philosophy is to provide opportunities for personal and professional development to all our staff. As a newly established and growing organisation AHBRA provides a unique opportunity to gain skills and experience on all aspects of AHBRA’s work, whilst being able to contribute to a well-regulated and stable AHB social housing sector that provides good quality homes to their tenants.

Come and join us and make a difference!


Current Vacancies

We currently have no vacancies. Please check back again later.

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