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What we do

AHBRA is tasked with providing the regulation of Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs) for the purpose of supporting stronger governance and the financial viability of the AHB sector, with a particular focus on safeguarding the significant public investment being made in the delivery of social housing by AHBs. AHBRA aims to provide assurances to investors, tenants, the government and to the AHB sector itself that social housing providers operate in a well-regulated and stable environment.

The functions and powers of AHBRA are in accordance with the legal framework set out in the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019 (the Act).

The remaining sections of the legislation were commenced by the Minister in July 2022.

AHBRA’s Functions

AHBRA is responsible for several functions, including to:

  • establish and maintain a register of AHBs
  • register persons as AHBs
  • prepare draft standards for approval by the Minister and publish
  • monitor and assess compliance by AHBs
  • carry out investigations under Part 5 (of the Act)
  • under Part 6 (of the Act) protect tenants and AHBs and cancel the registration of AHBs
  • encourage and facilitate the better governance, administration and management including corporate governance and financial management, of AHBs
  • promote awareness and understanding of the Act
  • collect such information concerning AHBs as the Regulator considers necessary and appropriate for the purposes of the performance of the Regulator’s functions,
  • publish such information (including statistical information) concerning AHBs as the Regulator considers appropriate.

Graphic titled Regulatory functions: Facilitation & communication, Register, Standards, Monitor & Assess, Investigation, Intervention

AHBRA has responsibility for establishing and maintaining a register of AHBs, preparing standards by which AHBs will be monitored and assessed, and encouraging and facilitating the better governance, administration and management, including corporate governance and financial management of AHBs. The Regulator also has powers to carry out investigations and cancel the registration of AHBs. 

AHBRA’s Strategic Objectives 

AHBRA aims to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Reliable and efficient AHB Registration Framework
  • Proportionate standards and compliance frameworks
  • Transparent and consistent risk-based regulation
  • Consistent and effective communication with our stakeholders
  • An agile, flexible and accountable organisation


AHBRA’s Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is of a sector in which 
AHBs demonstrate best practice 
in the areas of governance, 
finance, property and tenancy 
management and who provide 
quality homes for their tenants.
Our mission is to protect housing 
provided and managed 
by AHBs, through effective 

AHBRA Values:
We will operate with integrity, ensuring 
consistent adherence to our principles. We will deliver independent, proportionate, 
and fair regulatory oversight.
We will be accountable and 
transparent in our decision-making.
We will work with key stakeholders in a 
co-operative manner.
We will strive for innovation in our 
delivery of regulation.

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