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For AHBs

This section provides information for Approved Housing Bodies regarding Legislation and the Standards for AHBs as well as information regarding the timelines for commencement.

Standards for AHBs

This section provides an overview of the Standards for AHBs: the governance of AHBs, the financial management of and financial reporting by AHBs, property and asset management by AHBs and tenancy management by AHBs.

About the Legislation

Information on the background to the new Legislation as well as on the powers and functions of AHBRA and the timelines for commencement.

Notifiable Events

AHBs are required to inform AHBRA of certain ‘Notifiable Events’. This section contains an explanation of what a Notifiable Event is and how to notify AHBRA.

Monitoring & Assessment

AHBRA’s focus over the coming months will be the development and implementation of our monitoring and assessment frameworks.

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