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Notifiable Events

AHBs are required to inform AHBRA of changes or events which may have a serious or significant impact on their organisation. These are known as ‘Notifiable Events’. 

What is a Notifiable Event?

A notifiable event is a material, significant, or exceptional issue, event, or change within an organisation. We are interested in events which may put the following at risk: 

  • the interests or safety of tenants and other service users; 
  • the financial health of the AHB; 
  • the confidence of lenders; 
  • the good governance of an AHB; and 
  • the reputation of an individual AHB or the AHB sector. 

When deciding whether a matter is a notifiable event, an AHB should consider the risk to its organisation and the potential impact. In considering this, an AHB should take into account whether the event may reasonably be expected to: 

  • Seriously affect the interests or safety of tenants 
  • Create a significant risk to the governance and financial health of the organisation 
  • Impact the reputation of an AHB, or raise public or stakeholder concern about the AHB or the AHB sector 
  • Materially affect its status as an AHB 
  • Bring the AHB into disrepute 
  • Threaten the stability, efficiency, operations and general viability of the AHB 

When should an AHB notify AHBRA?

We expect AHBs to notify us at the earliest opportunity about an event, or proposed change. Additionally, Section 55 of the Act sets out specific timeframes in which an AHB is required to notify AHBRA of certain events.  

AHBs should inform AHBRA of the event: 

  • before the occurrence of the event, or 
  • where prior notification is not practicable because of the nature of the event or the circumstances in which it has arisen,  
  • as soon as practicable after it occurs. 

How should an AHB notify AHBRA?

An AHB should inform AHBRA of a notifiable event in writing by post, via email to, or by completing the AHBRA Notifiable Event Online Form which can be accessed by clicking the button below.  

For assistance with completing the Online Form, please refer to our Notifiable Event Form Explanatory Note 

All AHBs should read and familiarise themselves with AHBRA’s Notifiable Events Guidance before submitting a notification to AHBRA. 


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