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AHBRA has the power to monitor and assess compliance by AHBs with the approved Standards. Section 38 of the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019, (the Act), sets out AHBRA’s role in carrying out an assessment of compliance by an AHB with the regulatory approved Standards. 

AHBRA’s Assessment Programme 

AHBRA’s assessment of AHB’s compliance against the approved Standards will commence in August 2023.  

Click here to view our Assessment Policy.

Our assessment programme will be conducted on a continuous basis throughout the year. When selecting AHBs for assessment AHBRA considers several factors, including:  

  • Risk profile of the AHB, including size and future growth plans.  
  • Notifiable events and/or Concerns received. 
  • Information provided in the annual monitoring programme. 
  • Random sampling of AHBs. 
  • Information received from other sources. 

AHBRA reserves the right to assess an AHB at any time. 

What should your AHB expect? 

AHBRA will issue a notice to each AHB that has been selected for assessment. The notice will outline the information that the AHB must provide and will include a submission deadline. The information and documentation will ordinarily be required to be provided to AHBRA in electronic form to  

AHBs are legally obliged by section 38(4) of the Act to comply with the notice of assessment. This includes the requirement to submit the specified information by the date included in the notice, or any agreed extension, if applicable.  


If you cannot send the information in electronic format, please contact AHBRA by email at or by telephone on 01-224-3900. 

Advice & Guidance 

To help your organisation in completing the assessment return, we have made an Explanatory Note. This gives guidance to AHBs about the assessment return and how it links with the Standards. This will be emailed to your organisation if your organisation has been selected for assessment.  

In addition, we will hold webinars for AHBs that have been selected for assessment. If your AHB has been selected for assessment and receives a notice, you can register your interest in attending these webinars by emailing: 

General Information 

For any other information or general queries on AHBRA’s assessment programme please email 


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