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Minister O’Brien signed a commencement order on 1st July 2022 to provide AHBRA with all its remaining powers and functions. AHBRA now has the ability to monitor and assess AHBs against the Standards for AHBs


Section 38 of the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act sets out AHBRA’s role in carrying out an assessment of compliance by an AHB with the Regulatory Standards.

We are currently developing our assessment framework and it is anticipated that this will be rolled out in 2023. This will incorporate our planned assessment programme, as well as a reactive assessment process. A reactive assessment may occur where a material issue about an AHB is brought to our attention outside of the monitoring or planned assessment programmes.

The planned assessment programme will be proportionate, risk-based and considered in line with factors such as size, complexity, and risk profile of individual AHBs. Additionally, we may include AHBs for assessment based on random selection.

We will identify AHBs that will be included in the planned assessment programme and inform those organisations that will be assessed. The planned assessment programme will be conducted on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Pilot Assessment

We recognise that the AHB sector and AHBRA will need time to adjust to the new regulatory framework and assessment process. We are carrying out a pilot assessment process in Autumn 2022 with a small number of AHBs.

The pilot assessment is an important step in the development of our overall assessment framework. It will allow AHBRA the opportunity to test and evaluate the effectiveness of our internal policies and procedures and for those AHBs involved to provide feedback and input into the assessment process.

AHBRA has selected a small number of AHBs to participate in this pilot exercise and these organisations have been notified.

We are holding information sessions for these AHBs to ensure that these organisations fully informed of the process.

The submission date for the required information is Friday 4th November 2022.

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