AHBRA publishes its first Annual Sectoral Analysis report for the AHB sector

The Approved Housing Bodies Regulatory Authority (AHBRA) has today published its first Annual Sectoral Analysis report for the Approved Housing Bodies (AHB) sector. This represents the largest and most detailed insight into the AHB Sector.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the AHB sector, including dwelling numbers, sector funding and forecasted growth. It captures information provided by AHBs into their performance on property and asset management, tenancy management, governance and financial management and reporting.

AHBRA’s CEO, Susanna Lyons, stated that “The annual sectoral analysis provides crucial insights into the AHB sector and will be used to help inform our overall approach to risk-based regulation, including our assessment, education and guidance programmes.”

Ms Lyons also commented that “The information and data will enable the Regulator to have an enhanced understanding of the type of organisations currently registered as an AHB”.

An important element of AHBRA’s regulatory framework, was the introduction of its annual monitoring programme, where AHBs are requested to provide a range of information and performance data on the activities of their organisation.

The analysis included within the Sectoral Analysis Report captures the information submitted by 387 AHBs, which represents 87% of all 450 AHBs listed on the register of AHBs. This is a hugely positive response rate in AHBRA’s first monitoring programme. However, we would encourage all AHBs who have not yet submitted their information to engage with AHBRA as part of our monitoring programme.

AHBRA will utilise this important information to:

  • Inform future planned assessment programmes
  • Identify common risk areas and trends across the sector
  • Tailor education and guidance needs for AHBs based on the risks identified

For any questions or queries relating to the Sectoral Analysis Report, please contact communications@ahbregulator.ie