Deemed Registered

450 AHBs were deemed registered on 1st January 2022. All AHBs deemed registered are subject to all aspects of the legislation.

The Approved Housing Bodies Register can be found here.

The registration programme is now open. Deemed AHBs considering making an application for registration should contact AHBRA via email at

Deemed AHBs who meet the eligibility criteria are required to make an application for registration in line with the Act.  AHBRA Registration Policy can be found here.

We strongly recommend that all organisations that are considering making an application for registration:

  1. Familiarise themselves with the Act
  2. Review the eligibility criteria
  3. Contact AHBRA at

Steps to Registration for New Applicants

  1. Review and identify your organisation’s timeline for registration
  2. Contact AHBRA to discuss your organisation’s application
  3. Conduct an Eligibility Test
  4. If you meet the Eligibility Criteria, complete, and submit an application for registration with supporting documents
  5. AHBRA reviews application, which may include a meeting with the Board of the Deemed AHB
  6. AHBRA makes decision to grant or refuse application for registration
  7. AHBRA informs the organisation of its decision to grant or refuse its application for registration

Required documents

The following documents are required to be submitted as part of an application for registration:

  • An up-to-date tax clearance certificate (or provide the organisations Tax Reference Number and Tax Clearance Access Number within the application form)
  • A copy of your organisation’s constitution
  • A full set of audited Financial Statements, with the auditor’s report, for the most recent financial year OR
  • If the organisation is newly established, you must provide a copy of all accounts since establishment
  • Any other information AHBRA may require

Helpful Tips for Registration

  • Ensure you have fully reviewed section 25-35 of the Act
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Ensure you have contacted AHBRA in advance of an application

All organisations will be required to complete an application form when making an application. The below provides some details on the types of information that will be required

  • The name and address of the organisation.
  • Contact details for the organisation, the Chair, and the Chief Executive (if applicable)
  • Contact details for a nominated person for registration purposes.
  • Information about your organisation including its primary objects, registered charity details and organisation type information.
  • Staffing and volunteer information.
  • Some information about relationships with other organisations.
  • Information on the organisation’s current housing and funding.
  • Information about the organisation’s future housing plans.
  • The names and addresses of the directors, members of the management committee and/ or trustees.
  • The relevant skills and expertise of the directors, members of the management committee and/ or trustees.
  • Total income and total expenditure figures for the most recent financial year.
  • Any other information AHBRA may require
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