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Cancellation of AHB Status

This section provides an overview of the cancellation of AHB status process.

AHBs who are deemed to be registered can apply for cancellation of their AHB status under Section 57 of the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019 (the Act).  

AHBRA also has the power to cancel the registration of AHBs in specific circumstances under Section 58 of the Act. 

AHBs with queries relating to cancellation of their registration should contact AHBRA by email at 

Click here to view our Section 57 Cancellation Policy 

Circumstances where a Cancellation Request will not be granted.

AHBRA may refuse a request for cancellation in certain cases, including where: 

  • A standards assessment has commenced and has not yet been completed. 
  • An investigation into the affairs of the AHB has commenced and has not yet been completed.  
  • There are legal proceedings pending under the Act. 
  • The requirements set out in Section 57(3) of the Act are not met or the AHB’s proposals are not aligned to its funding terms and conditions (Section 57(6)(a)). 
  • AHBRA considers that cancellation is sought to enable the AHB to distribute its assets to its members. 
  • For any other reason where AHBRA reasonably considers the granting of the request would prejudice the performance of its functions.  

General Information  

For any other information or general queries on AHBRA’s cancellation programme please contact .


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