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Statutory Deadlines

Section 34(6) of the Housing (Regulation of Approved Housing Bodies) Act 2019 (“the Act”) requires AHBs that, on 1 January 2022, provided or managed 300 or more dwellings for the alleviation of housing need, to apply for registration with AHBRA on or before 31 December 2023, in order to maintain their AHB status.

We strongly recommend that AHBs familiarise themselves with the Act and review the eligibility criteria for AHBs.

Attention is drawn to Section 34(7) of the Act which allows AHBs to make representations in writing, before 31 December 2023, to the Regulator seeking an extension of the registration period on the basis that compliance would be unduly onerous having regard to the AHB’s circumstances.

Please note that failure to make an application to register, or a written representation for extension, by the deadline of 31 December 2023 may lead to your organisation’s status as an AHB being ceased and cancelled under Section 34(10) of the Act.

The 31 December 2023 deadline is for AHBs who provide or manage 300 or more dwellings. AHBs who own, manage or lease fewer dwellings should check the table below for their deadlines.

No of dwellings owned, managed or leased by the AHB Previous timeframe New timeframe New Deadline
300 or more dwellings 12 months 24 months 31st December 2023
Between 50 and 299 dwellings 24 months 36 months 31st December 2024
Less than 50 dwellings 36 month 48 months 31st December 2025



Steps to Registration for Deemed Registered Applicants

  1. Review and identify your organisation’s timeline for registration
  2. Contact AHBRA to discuss your organisation’s application
  3. Conduct an Eligibility Test
  4. If you meet the Eligibility Criteria, complete, and submit an application for registration with supporting documents
  5. AHBRA reviews application, which may include a meeting with the Board of the Deemed AHB
  6. AHBRA makes decision to grant or refuse application for registration
  7. AHBRA informs the organisation of its decision to grant or refuse its application for registration

Required documents

The following documents are required to be submitted as part of an application for registration:

  • An up-to-date tax clearance certificate (or provide the organisations Tax Reference Number and Tax Clearance Access Number within the application form)
  • A copy of your organisation’s constitution
  • A full set of audited Financial Statements, with the auditor’s report, for the most recent financial year OR
  • If the organisation is newly established, you must provide a copy of all accounts since establishment
  • Any other information AHBRA may require


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